Omegaflex manufactures in Banbury

OmegaFlex Ltd opened its UK manufacturing plant on the Wildmere Industrial Estate in Banbury in April 2007. The company manufactures and distributes TracPipe®, a stainless steel semi-rigid gas pipe that is rapidly becoming the recognised alternative to traditional rigid copper or steel piping, especially for the domestic market.

A relative newcomer to the European market, TracPipe has a 30-year proven history of installation, initially in Japan and subsequently in North America where it has now captured more than 35% of the US gas pipe market.OmegaFlex, which is 95% US owned, originally launched its UK presence in 2000 when the company opened a sales and technical office in Newcastle. In 2003 it relocated to High Wycombe and by 2006 was looking to expand with the launch of a UK manufacturing and distribution plant. 

Explains managing director Bernie Quinlan: "From the outset it was obvious that High Wycombe would not be a suitable location for manufacture. "We were therefore looking around for somewhere to relocate to and Banbury hit all the right points. Its location next to the M40 makes it ideal for distribution and the fact that the M40 corridor was instantly recognisable to our American parent was also a distinct advantage. "We were also impressed with the quality and cost of the industrial units available in the town and the help provided by Cherwell District Council's Economic Development Unit. Of all the district councils we contacted while looking for somewhere to move to, they were the only ones who seemed interested in what we were doing. "It really does help to be able to speak to someone who knows the area and can offer advice not only on location but also on the jobs market and other issues. For example, I've still to move my family to the area from High Wycombe and the people I've spoken to at the Economic Development Unit have been able to offer information on schools, which is really handy."

Tracpipe, which is manufactured to BS7838 can be buried directly in screed/concrete without the need for additional protection.

It is flexible and easy to handle which means installation time can be dramatically reduced ... typically by up to 75% of the time required for steel or copper installation.

OmegaFlex Ltd
Kildare House
Wildmere Road
Wildmere Industrial Estate

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