The standard of healthcare services commissioned by the NHS on behalf of people in Oxfordshire is ‘good’ according to the Care Quality Commission, an independent organisation which aims to drive improvement in the quality of healthcare.

In this year’s Annual Health Check NHS Oxfordshire has received ‘good’ for quality of services commissioned and ‘good’ for use of resources. The Care Quality Commission looks at a wide range of areas, from the overall quality of care – including safety of patients, cleanliness, infection control, waiting times, access to services– to how well NHS organisations manage their finances.

NHS Oxfordshire received the second highest score available for both the quality of its commissioning and its financial management as well as fully meeting all the existing commitments. These refer to long-standing standards set by the Department of Health between 2003 – 2006 which are mainly concerned with waiting times and access to services.

Banbury Health Centre

The new GP-led health centre is now open to the public. Based at 58 Bridge Street, Banbury Health Centre will provide flexible opening 7 days per weeks, 8am—8pm 365 days a year and will be open to all patients, both to those registered and those who ‘drop in’ to use services.

NHS Oxfordshire believes that this flexibility will offer patients greater choice, particularly to those who may find it difficult to access normal GP services.

In addition to the GP Practice, 58 Bridge Street has a number of other high quality services co-located under the same roof. These are:

  • NHS Dental Practice (opening in the New Year).
  • Drug and alcohol service run through the charity SMART.
  • MIND, the mental health charity.
  • Health Trainers.

The GP Practice will be run by Principal Medical Limited (PML), a limited company set up by a group of Oxfordshire GPs in 2004.


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