Key Sectors

Cherwell North Oxfordshire is home to a number of important business clusters. Located at the heart of the UK’s globally important Motorsport Valley, a significant number of important motor racing and related engineering firms have bases in the District. Our close proximity to Silverstone racing circuit and our accessibility by road and rail makes Cherwell an ideal location of companies in this sector. The range and expertise of our local motorsport companies provides the full supply-chain and infrastructure for success in this most competitive of fields. From F1 teams, through chassis builders, instrumentation and telemetry specialists, right down to specialists in travel and logistics, we have the full range of participation.

Benefiting from our close proximity to the ancient and world-famous University of Oxford, we are home to a range of biotechnology companies producing some of the most advanced research and products in the world, in areas such as nano-technology, diagnostics and gene therapy.

Software development, from enterprise systems through to the latest sports simulation gaming, and a wide range of new media production from digital animation to on-line content, constitutes another thriving sector here in North Oxfordshire.

Cherwell has a strong retail sector. Banbury is a sub-regional destination, built around the Castle Quay shopping centre, but also with a high proportion of independant and specialist retailers in its open and picturesque retail core. Bicester has the benefit of a major new retail development which opened in Summer 2013 and is anchored by a new supermarket with a cinema complex and a variety of new shops. You also cannot mention Bicester without mentioning Bicester Village, which is on the south side of the town.

Another key sector is the food sector. There is a wide range of food companies and manufacturers based in the district, from spice producers to chocolate manufacturers through to high value coffee producers.

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