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Staff members are a tremendous asset; investing in training and work based opportunities can ensure your staff are motivated, securing repeat custom.  However,  not only must employers must consider how to remain competitive and develop their workforce, there are changes in government policy to be considered too. This guide brings together good quality sources of advice and guidance; allowing you to focus implementation helping your business to grow.

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Cherwell provides a skilled, dynamic workforce that is highly productive and cost-effective. Key skillsets in science and engineering are complemented by a broad ranging and diverse labour market, significantly reducing hard-to-fill vacancies. Cherwell has high levels of employment and economic activity, but pay rates are just below UK national averages, making the cost of labour in the area one of the most affordable in the south east.

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Information to assist your business planning:

Oxfordshire Labour Market Information

With support from the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP), O2i offers an inclusive strategic approach to education-employer links in Oxfordshire. Using publicly available data, they provide on their website a great deal of detailed economic information and analysis for businesses and employers across Oxfordshire.

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