Cherwell North Oxfordshire – Economic Overview

Cherwell has a vibrant and dynamic economy. Unemployment is generally lower than the UK average. The mean full-time weekly wage here is just below the UK average.

Cherwell is at the heart of the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford Growth Corridor, which is already one of the most innovative and economically successful areas of the UK. Its enormous growth potential is recognised by the Government as a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to be a knowledge intensive cluster, competing globally.

Further details regarding Cherwell’s position within the Growth Corridor and the exciting opportunities for businesses to Connect, Innovate and Grow can be found in the following brochure;

We have a strong and growing business stock; VAT registrations have outstripped de-registrations in the District by an average of 25% over the last decade. The VAT-registered business stock has grown from 4,115 in 1994 to 5,160 in 2005.

Business property costs are extremely competitive, and offer a South East location far more affordable than much of the rest of the region, and often more affordable than prime areas in the Midlands, yet with an accessible, quality location.

Cherwell has managed to achieve a rare feat in its economy – it has developed a vibrant knowledge-driven economy while retaining a strong manufacturing base.  It also has the sixth largest manufacturing workforce in the South East, just after Southampton, and the second largest by proportion of the total workforce.

Cherwell also has a diverse economy, with a strong retail sector, a large and growing business & financial services sector, and valuable contributions from tourism, distribution and logistics firms, and the public sector.

Cherwell, north Oxfordshire is positioned at the heart of the high growth, innovative areas of Milton Keynes and Oxford.  This ensures businesses can influence two new Local Enterprise Partnerships; Oxfordshire and South East Midlands.

Cherwell is an important part of the broader Oxfordshire economy, one of the most knowledge-driven economies in the world.

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