Supporting Business in Cherwell

Here in North Oxfordshire we have various public sector bodies offering support to businesses and working closely together to provide the best service they can. This makes the most of our varied strengths and enhances what is available to you to help you succeed.

For mainstream business, you’ll find a lot of support through the many flourishing business networking groups. If you are starting a business in a high-growth or high-technology sector, we have a range of specialist help for you. The Oxfordshire Enterprise Hub provides specialist support covering areas such as R&D funding, Intellectual Property (IP) protection and ready-for-funding preparations.

As well as being a great place to grow existing companies, Cherwell is a great place to start one.

Cherwell's flourishing business networks provide informal support and opportunities to meet local suppliers and clients.

Please also click here for more information on Business Support Networks.

We also link into the corporate support available from the South East England Development Agency, especially for those of you with international connections (or who are keen to create some).

A matrix of the business support for all of Oxfordshire is available at

Further Information

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Oxfordshire Social Enterprise Partnership

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