The Business Environment of Cherwell

If you are considering bringing a business to Cherwell, there is going to be one thing uppermost in your mind –

What is it actually like running a business there?

On this site, there are links to a wide variety of local business groups and networking events, giving you a flavour of the vibrancy of our business community.

Cherwell is not just rolling hills and gentle vales, but business people combining focus and drive with warmth and a relaxed attitude that makes doing business around here genuinely enjoyable.  The area also has a broad range of practical, focussed business support that makes the success of a business seem the opportunity for collective celebrations.

Whatever it is, we have it, and we are keen to share it with you.  The best way to get to know it and understand it is to come here – why not contact us and arrange a visit?

Launch of Cherwell’s ‘It’s Local’ online Business Directory

The Economic Growth team at Cherwell District Council has also recently launched a new online Business Directory to provide a free platform for companies within the area to advertise their services.  Already more than 2,000 organisations have registered their details including manufacturers, retailers, schools and eateries.

Local businesses are being asked to add their details online and link their website details, products and services to the directory, thereby enabling customers to purchase locally and companies within the district to work together and support each other.

Businesses can register their details and service category for free. When searched, users will be provided with the name, address and phone number of any matching companies, which will be cross referenced against a generic map of the area pinpointing their location.

The directory also includes options for a street view, map, web address and contact details as well as any social media links and opening hours.

To view the Cherwell ‘It’s Local’ Business Directory or to register your organisation for free, visit

Bicester Garden Town; a vision for sustainable growth

Bicester is well-established as a great place to live, work and grow your business. It is an attractive, affordable market town with first-class amenities, surrounded by beautiful countryside. And it benefits from excellent connectivity – to London and Birmingham, the Oxfordshire Knowledge Spine and world-leading industry clusters.

But that is just the starting point. Bicester is about to undergo carefully planned growth that presents a host of opportunities for new residents and high-value businesses. This expansion will be ambitious, including thousands of homes and large-scale employment sites. But above all it will be sustainable, creating a great environment for living and working, in line with Garden Town principles.

This prospectus available via the link below sets out the opportunities for residents and companies created by Bicester’s growth as a Garden Town. We hope you are inspired.

Bicester Vision commissioned this #MIPIMUK film to help visualise the potential of Bicester. Using footage captured in the town and graphics supplied by Cherwell District Council, this film gives you a flavour as to what Bicester has to offer;

If you want to find out how Bicester might work for you, please contact the Cherwell District Council Economic Growth Team.

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